What Is a Belt? A Look at History of Belts and Why They Are Still As Important As Ever

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The modern man mainly uses his belt for practicality – keeping up his trousers, though of course puts a little bit of thought into the style and look of his belt. At the same time, the modern woman mostly uses her belt for fashion purposes.

Some of you reading this may not see the point. How can belts be used just for fashion? Aren’t they supposed to help keep your clothes in a fixed position?

I know that some of you probably do not see why belts are used for fashion as much as they are, but hopefully you will!

You wear a belt at your waist, though depending on your preference you can wear it higher or lower, such as around your hips. Generally, you should pick a belt which fits into the middle hole, or two holes from the end – obviously your belt should be tight enough that it can’t slip past your hips, though if you prefer your belt on your hips, then obviously it should be tight enough to keep it in place – never tie your belt so much that it causes discomfort.

You can use a variety of different belts with almost any outfit – the good thing about belts is that they are so versatile – 80% of belts will go with 80% of your clothes, so you could say that around 60% of any belt/outfit combination you try will go well together, though throw in some custom belt buckles and you’re set even better, as you can mix and match any belt strap to any belt buckle to create a truly unique style that is only worn by you!

The great thing about belts is that you can use them to create a sort of distinct line between your top and your trousers/skirt – I generally wouldn’t advise wearing opposing colours for your top and lower half, but throw in a belt to help add some more detail and extra ‘spice’ to your outfit and you’ll look fabulous, just make sure to pick a belt strap and buckle which suit each other. » Read more: What Is a Belt? A Look at History of Belts and Why They Are Still As Important As Ever

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Purse for Any Event

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Choosing the perfect purse can sometimes be as difficult as choosing the outfit itself. To make your selection (and life) easier, I’ve listed a few tips to make shopping a breeze.

1. Purpose

When choosing a purse, always think of the type of event that you will be attending. For weddings, dinners, and proms, your requirements will be different from that for a conference, meeting, or lunch with a client. It is important to always shop with a purpose in mind to ensure your selection is suitable to your event.

2. Size

The size of your purse is extremely important depending on the event you’re attending. A tote might be more appropriate for a day out with girlfriends, while a small clutch is more suitable for a wedding or evening event. Will you be dancing all night? Then smaller is always better.

3. Colour

Choosing a purse colour is fairly easy if your outfit is already selected. If this is not the case, then go for neutral colours. These go great with almost anything, and will blend flawlessly with the rest of your closet. If your event is on the fancier side something shiny or sparkly never hurts. Gold and silver are perfect accents to little black dresses; Just think red carpet! While all these are true, let’s not forget the real star here; Colour. For the ladies who like to take it up a notch, selecting a purse with a pop of colour is guaranteed to keep all eyes on you. Spot a fuchsia clutch that is just begging to be bought? Go for it! Bright colours are great for spring and summer, and pairs well with neutral toned clothing.

4. Compartments

Personally a purse with at least one small interior pocket is a must-have. It is the perfect place for storing business cards and contact numbers I collect during my daily interactions. Select a purse that is functional for your event. Think of what items you will be taking with you, and if your selection will be able to store all these items. For example, if you are a busy event planner, a small purse with one compartment would not be your best selection for an event you’re hosting. » Read more: 5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Purse for Any Event